Friday 21 June 2013


Come down to Quippings at 8 PM, Saturday, 29 June and watch us play. Quippings is Melbourne's only regular cabaret night dedicated to the topics of sex, love and disability. We're their house band of Quippings and keep the crowd entertained in between the other fabulous acts including Jax Brown, Carly Findlay, Angies Jones, Jay Wheeler and Thomas Banks. Hosted by the gorgeous (and slightly scary) Kath Duncan.

Quippings is on at Hares & Hyenas, 63 Johnston Street, Fitzroy.

See you there, 8 PM Saturday 29 June.

Bearbrass Asylum Orchestra is the house band at Quippings.

Tuesday 18 June 2013

The Band

The Bearbrass Asylum Orchestra are a crip-folk trio based in Melbourne, Australia whose members all have disabilities. They consist of Jess Kapuscinski-Evans on vocals, Tim Hackett on guitars and Anthea Skinner on percussion. The band first formed in 2012 and play a combination of cover songs and original tracks which explore all the usual topics: love, sex, death, self-advocacy and of course, ancient British mythology.   

Bearbrass Asylum Orchestra are the house band for Melbourne’s hottest (and only) queer/disabled cabaret night 'Quippings' and regularly perform at festivals and clubs around Australia.

The Bearbrass Asylum Orchestra – making disability sound good.