Friday, 10 June 2016

Let's Talk About Sex!

We love talking about sex, it's one of our favourite topics, but not everyone has equal access to a quality sex education. Come and join us for a half-day forum on sex and relationships for people with intellectual disabilities and those that support them. It will be an entertaining and informative session, followed by refreshments and music (that's us).

Event: Let's Talk About Sex: Relationships and Sexuality Forum
Where: Maidstone Community Centre, 21 Yardley St Maidstone
When: Friday 17 June, 1.45pm to 6pm.
Tickets: Free, but you must register your attendance.
Access: To discuss your access requirements contact Jess Smart, Health Promotion Officer, Cohealth: 9680-1136 or 
For More Information or to Register:


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